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Background documentationWorklists in Change Request Management Locate this document in the navigation structure


All change transactions are displayed in worklists for the responsible employees to approve and process them further. You can access your worklists in the following ways:

  • WebClient UI: You can access your change transactions by choosing Worklist in the navigation bar.

    Note Note

    We recommend that you use the WebClient UI as a single point of entry to access your change transactions and other related information.

    End of the note.
  • Work Center:   Change Management Work Center   Requests for Change   and Change Documents

  • SAP GUI: Depending on user authorizations, the worklists can be accessed by using the following transactions:

    Transaction Code

    Menu Path on SAP Easy Access Screen


      Requests for Change   Change Requests Created by Me  


      Requests for Change   My Non-Completed Change Requests  


      Requests for Change   Non-Completed Change Requests  


      Documents for Change   Change Documents Created by Me  


      Documents for Change   Change Documents to be Processed by Me  


      Documents for Change   Change Documents to be Processed  


      Documents for Change   Change Docs. To Be Proc. w/o Prcssr  

    You can open any request for change or change document by double-clicking on it in the relevant worklist. The system then opens the change transaction in the WebClient UI .

  • SAP Business Workplace: On the SAP Solution Manager entry screen, choose SAP Business Workplace. The inbox contains any change transactions you are to process.