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The message bar displays status messages (green icon), warnings (yellow icon), and error messages (red icon) for a change document. If a change document shows an error message in the message bar, it cannot be processed until you remove the cause of the error. If you choose the message, the system displays the long text of the error message.


There are the following error types for change transactions:

  • Transaction is inconsistent

    There is at least one error message. The subsequent status cannot be set. You may have to perform an action in the maintenance landscape (release a task, for example). The system checks the status again, and the change document no longer contains any errors. If there is no entry in the Action column, choose   Actions   Recheck Correction  .

  • Status reset by the system

    There are only warning messages. One message indicates that the current status was reset by the system due to a possible error. The other warnings explain the error. Since no actual error exists, according to the status set by the system, the subsequent activity can be performed.

  • Action cannot be performed in the current phase of the maintenance cycle

    Note Note

    This error type is only relevant for change documents.

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    There is at least one error message indicating that an action cannot be processed in the current phase of the maintenance cycle. The subsequent status cannot be set. Choose   Actions   Recheck Correction  . The system checks the current status of the change document and deletes the error message, if it determines that the current status is consistent. The change document can then be processed, when the phase of the maintenance cycle has changed accordingly.

  • Unexpected technical exception triggered

    The message long text often provides additional information about the cause of the problem and how to solve it. The application log in the task list provides additional information, if the error was caused by a task not being executed completely or correctly.

The system sometimes displays an error because certain asynchronous processes have not yet been completed, for example, starting an export. To check whether an action was completed successfully, check the task list, by choosing it in the Related Transactions assignment block. If all processes in the task list have been completed, go back to the change document and save it again. The system checks the status again and the change document no longer contains errors.

The function   Actions   Recheck Correction   is always available. The error message does not always disappear, even if an error has been corrected (especially if you used the task list to correct the error).

If you cannot resolve an error, run the report SOCM_CRM_SERVICE_CHECK, to check the configuration prerequisites.