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As a result of a problem, a change needs to be implemented in a production system. For this purpose, a request for change has been created by a service desk employee. This request has to be validated by a change manager.


  • A request for change has been created that documents the problem.

  • You have the SAP_CM_CHANGE_MANAGER role.


  1. On the Change Management work center, choose the requests for change, to which you have been assigned as the change manager responsible.

    A list of all requests for change assigned to you is displayed.

    Note Note

    There are several options to display and access your worklists. For more information, see Worklists in Change Request Management.

    End of the note.
  2. Select the request for change that you want to validate.

    The system opens the request in the WebClient UI.

  3. In the Details assignment block, choose Edit .

  4. To indicate the status of the request, choose   Actions   Set Request for Change to “Validation”  .

  5. Review the data that has already been entered for the request.

  6. To categorize the request, go to the Scope assignment block and choose Edit, then Insert

  7. In the Change Category field, select a category from the dropdown list, for example, Urgent Change.

    The system displays the transaction type for this category and the current status.

  8. Select the relevant installed base of the production system where the change will be done from the search help.

  9. You can now add more information to the request, for example, the project and solution to which the change should be assigned. On the Details assignment block, choose Edit.

  10. In the Project field, select the project to which you want to assign the change. If there is only one solution for the project, the solution is displayed automatically. If there are several solutions, select the relevant one from the search help.

    In the Projects and Solutions assignment blocks, you can add more project objects and solution elements to the requests, to further specify the relevance.

  11. Enter other information into the request, for example, the urgency of the change. You can also assign relevant documents, knowledge articles, and so on, in the dedicated assignment blocks.

  12. Choose Save.

    The system sets the status of the request to Validation.

  13. Choose   Actions   Release for Approval   to have the request for change approved by the employee responsible.

    The system sets the status of the request to To Be Approved.