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If you often create messages with the same data in your projects, you can create templates containing this data. This minimizes the time required to create a message.

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Message templates, like messages, are based on business transactions. The settings of a message template match those of the underlying message.

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You can create templates for the following transaction types:

  • Incident

  • Problem

  • Service request


The system is configured.


  1. Choose one of the following paths in the WebClient UI navigation bar:

    •   Incident Management   Message Templates  

    •   Incident Management   Service Request Templates  

    •   Incident Management   Problem Templates  

    On the following screen, you can search for existing templates or create a new template.

  2. Choose New, and select a transaction type.

    The system displays an empty message input screen.

  3. Enter the data which is to be in the template, which you frequently require when creating messages.

  4. To add processing information to the template, in the assignment block Details, under Relationships, choose a transaction, such as a problem or a knowledge article. The transaction is linked to all messages which you create from this template.

  5. Give your template a name.

  6. Save your entries.

    You can use the template to create messages. You can later modify or invalidate the template.


You have created a template for messages. You can now display it in the search for message templates, and use it to create messages.

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