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To retain an overview of all product maintenance transactions in your SAP Solution Manager system, you can specify detailed queries, to display product maintenance transactions by specified criteria, for example:

  • Maintenance transactions which are completed, or were canceled

  • Maintenance transactions that belong to various solutions

  • Maintenance transactions created by specified S-Users

You can go directly from the overview to a step in an open product maintenance transaction in Maintenance Optimizer.

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Alternatively, you can use transaction code /TMWFLOW/MAINTENANCE.

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The reporting function is in SAP CRM, and lists the selected product maintenance transactions in Maintenance Optimizer.


SAP Solution Manager users have created at least one product maintenance transaction.


You can specify a query with the following filter criteria:

  • Download type: Source of maintenance files

  • Update mode: Maintenance transaction scenario

  • Automatic/Manual: Maintenance file determination

  • S-User: SAP Support Portal user ID that Maintenance Optimizer uses when approving and confirming the download basket

  • Solution: Solution in SAP Solution Manager system for which you created the maintenance transaction

  • Product: Product selected in step Plan Maintenance

  • Source product version

  • Target product version

  • Target stack: Support package stack to be installed

  • Selected product system: Product system for which you perform the maintenance transaction

  • Technical System: Technical system in the target constellation that the maintenance transaction affects

  • Linked product system: Product system that is connected to other product systems, via a technical system classified as Hub

  • Linked technical system: Technical system classified as Hub, and so linked to several product systems

All product maintenance transactions that satisfy your selection criteria, are listed. You can sort the information by columns, and pass the list to an external application for further processing.

Double-click on an entry in the list, to get further details of it. The system goes to the corresponding step in Maintenance Optimizer, as last saved by the user.


You go to the Change Management work center Queries view, and can specify new queries, or change existing ones, in a guided procedure.

Select the object type Search - Maintenance Transaction for the query, and choose the criteria by which product maintenance transactions are to be displayed. To make a query visible, activate it.