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If problems occur in the product maintenance transaction, you can find detailed information as follows:

  • on the Log tab

    The tab lists all messages, exceptions and errors, and is directly in Maintenance Optimizer.

  • in the application log

    The application log is a tool that captures messages, exceptions and errors. This information is put in a log and displayed.


  1. To see the entries in the application log, call the transaction SLG1.

  2. To see the entries for Maintenance Optimizer in the application log, enter:

    • Object: SOLAR

    • Subobject: SAP_BACKEND for the SAP Service Marketplace; or SAP_BACKEND_MOPZ for Maintenance Optimizer

    • Time Restriction: Enter an appropriate time period, e.g. the previous day, or last week.

    • User: <User name> of the SAP Solution Manager user

    The Display Logs screen appears.

  3. Open an entry in the log entry list, by clicking on it. The message text is displayed at the bottom of the screen.

  4. To get further details of the message, double-click on it. A dialog box appears that contains the information required for the error handling, for example, to create an error message:

    • Application

    • Action

    • Version

    • Destination (for the download basket)