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Your S-user is the user ID that SAP gave you, to logon to the SAP Support Portal.

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Always logon to the SAP Support Portal with your S-user, to which your SAP Solution Manager user ID is assigned. Maintenance Optimizer can only confirm and authorize files that you put in the download basket for this S-user.

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Your system administration has assigned an S-User for the SAP Support Portal to you. Use the transaction AISUSER, or, in Customizing for SAP Solution Manager, choose the corresponding activity under   SAP Solution Manager   Technical Settings   iBase  .

Note Note

Your S-user must be assigned to the same customer or company number as the S-user that your system administration put in the destination SAP-OSS RFC. Otherwise, Maintenance Optimizer cannot read your download basket.

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Maintenance Optimizer is connected to the SAP Support Portal of the SAP Global Support Backbone, and provides the following functions:

  • It takes you directly to the area of the SAP Software Distribution Center for the product that you have selected for maintenance. (Log on with your S-user.)

  • It reads the download basket of your S-user.

  • It authorizes selected items in the download basket so that they can be downloaded.

  • It gets the selected items in the maintenance transaction.