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If you control your transports in projects you can plan your development work and Customizing activities in structured projects. You can structure changes independently of each other in different projects, and then import them independently into target systems. We recommend that you do this if, for example, you want to go live with different projects at different times, or if you want to link development work in a single area.

Process Flow

  1. First define an IMG project in IMG Project Management and then activate a corresponding CTS project.

In the IMG Project administration go to the tab page Transport requests, where you can:

  1. Choose Assigned CTS requests. The dialog box Requests in project <project name> appears.

Here you can:

  1. When you go from the IMG project to the corresponding Customizing activities, the Transport Organizer proposes only those change requests that you have previously assigned to the project.
  2. The project piece list contains all objects that you are editing in a project. When requests are released, the object list of the request is added to the piece list.


    Ideally, projects do not share objects. If your projects do share objects, you must define dependency relationships between requests.

  3. Released change requests are imported into the QA system project-by-project. This is where you test your changes and approve the requests. Requests are also imported into the production system project-by-project.
  4. After you complete the project, you can no longer assign any change requests to it.

The system informs you if there are any unreleased requests in the project that you want to complete.

You can reactivate the CTS functions even after you have completed a project. However, the lock flags are no longer present.


Once you have completed the project, the system no longer recognizes any overlaps it has with other projects. When you reactivate the project, the system recognizes overlaps with newly edited objects only.

For more information, see Importing All Requests from a Project and Attribute SAP_CTS_PROJECT.