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Performing an analysis enables you to identify current problems or optimize a business process. Depending on the setup, you have the following options:

  • If backlog or throughput key figures were set up, the following diagrams are generated:

    • Benchmarking/Advanced Benchmarking:

      • If the key figure is a backlog key figure, the most recent measurement in the selected time frame is used for benchmarking.

      • If the key figure is a throughput key figure, the measurements in the selected time frame are aggregated.

    • Trend Analysis: You can see how the measured value for a key figure has developed in the selected time frame. There is no difference in behavior between backlog and throughput key figures.

  • If backlog key figures were set up, the following functions are available:

    • Age Analysis: The diagram allows you to determine in which year or month the documents in the backlog were created.

      You can also see the distribution across the values of the primary dimension. If you have, for example, selected the shipping point as the primary dimension, the distribution across years and shipping points is displayed. You can decide whether the backlog indicates one of the following:

      • An operational issue

      • A potential for archiving data

    • Detail Analysis: A sample document can be displayed in the respective business transaction. You can check why the document is in the backlog.


  • The authorization to perform a certain analysis variant has been assigned to your user. For more information, see Assigning Roles and Authorizations As an Administrator.

  • To perform a detailed analysis and identify the root cause of operational problems, you can navigate to the display transaction for sampling single documents (a sales order, for example). You must have display authorization for the managed system.


  1. In the Business Process Operations work center, under Common Tasks, choose Business Process Analytics.

  2. On the Key Figure Variants tab page, select the analysis variant.

  3. Choose Launch Selected Variants.

    The chart is displayed.

  4. Optional: Specify the data to be displayed. For more information, see Defining Filter Criteria.

  5. To generate a chart according to the selected filter criteria, choose Update.

  6. Optional: If you analyze backlog key figures, you can sample the documents in backlog:

    1. To log on to the managed system, choose the Detail Analysis pushbutton.

    2. From the list of documents in the backlog, select a document that you want to sample.

      The document is displayed in the respective business transaction.

    3. Check why the document is in the backlog.