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Procedure documentationCreating and Editing an Analysis Project Locate this document in the navigation structure


You want to create a new analysis project or document the progress of the upgrade planning.


  1. To start a new analysis project, in the Implementation/Upgrade work center, choose:   Upgrade Analyses   New Upgrade Dependency Analysis  .

    To change the project settings at a later stage, in the Implementation/Upgrade work center, choose:   Upgrade Analyses   <your analysis project>   Attributes  .

  2. Specify whether you want to use a landscape based on an existing project or an existing solution for upgrade planning.

  3. Select the project or the solution using the input help.

  4. Specify the name of the analysis project and the person responsible.

  5. Confirm.


By default, the analysis project is created in the New analysis phase.

You can document the upgrade planning in the course of the analysis projects as follows:

  • Add an evaluation of the analysis project

  • Change the analysis phase

  • Upload, display, and remove documents