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You can use the archiving object BC_E071K to remove data records from the transport management table E071K and save them in an archive file.


The archiving process has two steps:


Select the Product Variant option to find data records in the table E071K and write them to an archive file. If you just want to find the data initially, without saving it directly to an archive file, select Test Variant.


This step reads the archive files for tables E070, E071, and E071K. It then deletes the corresponding keys from table E071K and changes the OBJFUNC indicator in table E071 from K to A (archived) accordingly.



Requests with the indicator OBJFUNC = A can no longer be exported.


Reloading data records that are archived and deleted in E071K:


Read enables you to read archived and deleted data records from an archive. The whole archive is rewritten to the database.


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