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You can use program AGS_BPCA_TBOM_STATIC_GEN to create static TBOMs for the executable entities in your projects or solutions.


You have created a Business Process Hierarchy.

You have assigned executable entities to the nodes.

You have created background RFC connections to the managed systems in your system landscape.


  1. Call the program AGS_BPCA_TBOM_STATIC_GEN. The programm is also in Customizing for SAP Solution Manager, under   SAP Solution Manager   Scenario-Specific Settigs   in the Customizing activit Generate Static TBOMs.

  2. Specify the projects and solutions for which you want to create static TBOMs.

    Note Note

    If you leave the Project or Solution fields empty, the system creates static TBOMs for all projects or solutions.

    End of the note.
  3. In the Project/Solution Selection Options group box, specify whether the static TBOMs are to be created only for projects, only for solutions, or for both projects and solutions.

  4. Specify the scope of static TBOM creation:

    • Only update obsolete static TBOMs

    • Create missing static TBOMs.

      This option creates static TBOMs for all executable entities for which there is no TBOM.

    • Update all static TBOMs, and create mising ones

      Thiis option creates missing static TBOMs, and updates all exisitng ones. If there are both dynamic and static enhancements for a TBOM, only its existing static enhancements are updated, no new static enhancements are created.

  5. If you create static TBOMs for solutions: Specify whether the managed systems are to be determined via the leading role of the solution, or the navigation role.

  6. Run the program.

    Alternatively, you can schedule the program as a background job.


Static TBOMs are created or updated, for the selected projects and solutions.

The generation is logged in the SAP application log (transaction SLG1) for the object BPCA_RESULT.