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Procedure documentationAssigning Roles and Authorizations As an Administrator Locate this document in the navigation structure


As an Administrator, to define configuration users and users according to the requirements of your company. In this way you ensure that personal or other critical data can only be accessed by users authorized to do so. You proceed as follows:

  • You assign the respective user roles to users

  • You assign authorizations objects for, for example, solutions, application areas, or categories of analysis variants.

Example Example

If you have specific solutions for the regions APAC, EMEA and so on, to define a configuration user for a region, you assign the respective authorization object to the user.

End of the example.


In transaction PFCG, do the following:

  • To define user types, you assign the following roles:

    • Configuration user

    • User who performs an analysis variant

  • To define the functions a user is authorized to use, specify the following authorization objects:

    • Analytics variant

    • Analytics category:

    • Analytics Detail: Data a user is authorized to display in an analysis:

      • System and client

      • Business Process Monitoring application area (ERP_SD, for example)

      • Key figures

      • Analytics functions (Benchmarking, Adavnced Benchmarking, for example).

For more information about defining roles and specifying authorization objects for Business Process Analytics, see the Security Guide for SAP Solution Manager on SAP Service Marketplace under   SAP Components   SAP Solution Manager   <current release>  .