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You can manage the documents which arise in the various project phases, in the Solution Manager.


Make the required settings under Document Management in Solution Manager customizing.


Document Management Functions




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Document templates

SAP delivers document templates for Business Blueprint, configuration and tests.

You can:

  • change the SAP document templates,

  • create your own document templates.

  Project Administration   Project Standards   tab

Overview: Documentation Types Delivered by SAP with their document templates

Edit Document Templates

Editing documents online and offline


Edit Documents

Link to other document repositories by URL


Edit Documents

Availability of Solution Manager documents without access to the Solution Manager system by URL, for example, in the intranet

On the   Project Documentation tab page, choose   Attributes   Create URL to Document  

Document Management IMG

The system copies the URL onto the clipboard.

Full-text search

You can install TREX (Text Retrieval and Extraction) to search for documents in projects, solutions and roadmaps.

Document Management IMG

Change history and version management

Trace changes: .   SOLAR01/SOLAR02   <tab page>   History  

  Project Administration   Project Standards   Tabs   tab page.

Edit Documents

Flexible customizing of attributes:

  • Document attributes, for example, for the person technically responsible

  • Status values

  • You can analyze the Other Attributes and the status values, in the project analysis.

  • You can show or hide unneeded status values and keywords per project.

  • Create Other Attributes: In the Data Modeling Workbench (transaction DMWB)

  • Create status values: In the Document Management IMG

  • Show/Hide.  Project Administration   Project Standards tab page   Project Template  

Status, keywords and documentation types

Flexible customizing of template files for the generation of the Business Blueprint document, configuration guide, and test report

You can adjust the layout of the document to be generated, system-wide, to your requirements.

Document Management IMG

Flexible customizing of authorization:

You can assign restricted read authorization, with which a user can, for example, only display documents with status Released, not with status Review.

Document Management IMG

Digital Signature

You protect your documents against unauthorized changes with an authorization procedure, for example, the FDA guidelines.

Document Management IMG

Digital Signature

Document creation workflow

You can set-up a workflow with the business object SolManDoc, to be able to inform project members automatically about subsequent documentation steps.

Archiving documents

Move documents into other document repositories