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Procedure documentation Send Learning Map   Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


Send Learning Map


       1.      Choose the Send Learning Map pushbutton.

       2.      Choose the end user roles to which you want to send the learning map. You can restrict the selection.

       3.      Create an E-Mail in your E-Mail program with the E-Mail pushbutton.

The system copies a text template with a link to the learning map, into the clipboard. The system opens your local E-Mail program.

       4.      Copy the text template into the E-Mail.

       5.      Send the E-Mail with your E-Mail program

Create E-Mail text template

The system uses the text template SA_LEARNING_MAP_DEPLOY_MAIL which is delivered by SAP, as the text template for the E-Mail to send the learning map, unless there is a customer template Z_LEARNING_MAP_DEPLOY_MAIL.


       1.      To create a text template Mail to send the learning map, create the Text in Dialog Z_LEARNING_MAP_DEPLOY_MAIL in the document maintenance (transaction SE61).

       2.      Edit the text. You can:

¡        Copy the SAP text template SA_LEARNING_MAP_DEPLOY_MAIL to Z_LEARNING_MAP_DEPLOY_MAIL and then change it

¡        Translate your text template

       3.      Save the changes.

The system now automatically uses your customer template as the text template for the E-Mail to send the learning map.


The end users work through the learning material and assess it.You analyze the assessments.


The learning map is in the web server part of the Solution Manager system. End users do not need their own Solution Manager system users to be able to call the learning map, because the web server provides an anonymous display user. The end user assessments are saved anonymously.


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