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Procedure documentationForwarding a Support Message to SAP Locate this document in the navigation structure


You can forward a support message to SAP if, for example, the following actions have not led to a solution:

  • Search in the internal solutions database (if installed)

  • Search on SAP Service Marketplace

  • Root cause analysis in the Root Cause Analysis work center (if installed)


  • You have opened the relevant support message.

  • If remote analysis by SAP Support is required, you have opened the customer system for SAP Support.


  1. Choose Edit.

  2. Choose the text type Information for SAP under Add Text and enter a message for SAP Support.

  3. To add the original problem description, choose Add Existing Text.

  4. To check whether specific questions have to be answered for the relevant component, choose   Action   Answer Application-Specific Questions  

    Depending on the component, a dialog box opens asking you to answer application-specific questions.

  5. Save your entries with OK.

  6. If necessary, change the priority, the short text, the components, or the problem reporter on the Overview tab page.

    Example Example

    The user or customer has assessed the behavior as not critical, but as a Support employee, you have found that the behavior is a symptom of a critical problem in the system. You change the priority.

    End of the example.
  7. On the Overview tab, select the status Sent to SAP.

  8. Choose   Action   Send Message to SAP  

    Note Note

    Whether or not you can directly choose the Send Message to SAP action depends on your system configuration.

    • Set the Sent to SAP status manually to enable direct execution of the Send Message to SAP action.

    • The status is set automatically when you execute the Send Message to SAP action.

    End of the note.
  9. Choose Save.

    The system forwards the support message to SAP.

  10. On the Action Log tab, check whether the action was executed successfully, and what has to be done if the action failed.

  11. Save your changes.


The support message is given the user status Sent to SAP.