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The digital signature uses an approval procedure to ensure that only authorized employees in a project can affect further processing (for example, by releasing documents). The digital signature ensures the security and integrity of data, e.g. quality assurance orcesses under the FDA guidelines in pharmaceuticals companies.


  • You have configured the required settings for the digital signature in Customizing for SAP Solution Manager under   SAP Solution Manager   Technical Settings  .

  • You have assigned the documentation type which you specified in the signature process customizing, to your project, in the tab   Project Standards subtab   Documentation Type  , in the Project Administration.


Sign Documents Digitally

On all tabs in the Business Blueprint and Configuration transactions where you can assign documents and in Test Plan Management, you can:

  • Sign digitally (Digital Signature pushbutton at status change, e.g. from In Process to In Review or from In Review to Released)

  • Lock documents against changes by assigning a status with a lock flag.

    Note Note

    If there is no current signature process for a document, authorized persons can unlock a document in the Attributes tab. You assign this authorization with the authorization object S_IWB, action 95 – Unlock.

    You cannot unlock during the signature procedure.

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  • Refuse to release documents (  Digital Signature pushbutton   Cancel Signature Process   pushbutton )

Displaying and Printing Digitally-Signed Documents

The document display and print option depend on the settings for the signature strategy (with the options forbidden, allowed, or required). If you have the relevant authorization, the system displays information relating to the digital signature associated with the document, such as name of the signee, date, and time.

Note Note

The document display and print option are not available to the signee if the forbidden option is set in the system table for the entire application.

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  • Display digitally-signed document

    Select the document and choose Display.

    Aside from the document, the system also opens the Document Signatures window. The system shows the users who have previously signed the document, for example, the user who released the document.

  • Print digitally-signed document

    Display the document and select Print Document.

    The system sends the information relating to the digital signature to the printer along with the required document.

    Note Note

    The system only sends the signature information if you print the document using the SAP print function.

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