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If you want to transport requests between systems from different transport groups that are not linked by transport routes, these requests are not displayed in the import queue of the target system. You must first find these requests explicitly in other groups before the import.


There are different transport groups in your transport domain that are not linked by transport routes.


To find requests in other groups:

  1. Call Transaction STMS.
  2. Choose This graphic is explained in the accompanying text. The import overview appears.
  3. Position the cursor on the SAP System whose import queue you want to adjust.
  4. Choose This graphic is explained in the accompanying text. The import queue of the selected SAP System appears.
  1. Now choose Extras ® Other requests ® Find in other groups. The dialog box Find Transport Requests for Import Queue <SID> appears.
  2. Decide which transport groups you want to search in:

All transport groups in all transport domains are searched. You can only use this option if domain links are configured.

All transport groups of the local domain are searched.

The transport group of system <SID> is searched.

  1. Decide whether you want to send the transport files immediately.
  2. Note

    If you deactivate this send option, the requests that are found are added to the import queue, however, you cannot import them yet. You must adjust the import queue before you can import these requests.

  3. TMS searches for requests for the selected SAP System in all specified transport groups.


TMS adds the requests to the import queue of the selected SAP System, and transfers their data files and cofiles if you have selected the option Send transport files immediately.


You can restart the procedure for adjusting transport groups. If you restart the adjustment after an error, a message is displayed stating that the import queue is locked. In this case, you can ignore the lock.