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Background documentation Special Features when Using Multiple Transport Directories  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

The Transport Management System supports transports between transport groups. After a change request has been released with the Transport Organizer, the requests are flagged for import into the target system. They are flagged in the local transport directory of the source system. Before the import into the target system, you must adjust the import queue of the target system if the source and target systems are in different transport groups.

If you have configured transport routes between systems in different transport groups, the requests to which the transport files are to be transferred are displayed in the import queue of the target system. Before you can import these requests, you have to transfer the data files and cofiles belonging to the requests (see Adjusting the Import Queue).

If you want to transport requests between systems from different transport groups that are not linked by transport routes, these requests are not displayed in the import queue of the target system. Before the import, you must explicitly find these requests from the other group (see Finding Requests from Other Groups).


If you use multiple transport groups, the display of the transports and repairs in the Transport Organizer is only valid within one transport group.