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Function documentation Updating the Import Overview and the Import Queues  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You can refresh the display of the import overview and individual import queues by choosing This graphic is explained in the accompanying text.

However, it is more convenient to update the import queues periodically in the background.


To update import queues in the background:

  1. Enter transaction STMS.
  2. Choose This graphic is explained in the accompanying text. The Import Overview appears.
  3. Choose Extras Update all import queues. The dialog box Update All Import Queues in Background appears.
  4. Choose the correct option (from Immediate, At start time, Period) and enter the required data. Use input help to select a period.
  5. Choose Continue.


Schedule a periodic update of the import queues, at least in the SAP Systems where you use TMS the most. We recommend the default period Daily.


The import queues are updated as you have specified. You can view the updates you have scheduled in the Job Monitor (job TMS_TP_REFRESH_QUEUE).