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Procedure documentation Creating a Transport Route  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


In the graphical editor in the area Insertable objects, the SAP Systems and target groups of the transport domain are listed that are not connected via transport routes.

Before you can create transport routes, you have to drag the SAP Systems to be configured and the target groups (for extended transport control) using the mouse from the area Insertable objects and place it in the Display area.


To create transport routes:

  1. In the Graphical editor, choose Edit ® Transport route ® Add transport route.
  2. The cursor becomes a pencil icon.

  3. Click one SAP System and hold the mouse button.
  4. Drag the pencil icon to the SAP System or the target group (for extended transport control) with which the first SAP System is to be linked, and release the mouse button.
  5. The dialog box Create Transport Route appears.

  6. Select Consolidation route or Delivery route.
  7. If you want to create a consolidation route, enter in the field Transport layer a name: Z<sid> (<sid> - name of the development system)

    Transport layers that do not exist are created automatically. Another way to create a transport layer is to choose Edit Transport layer Create. The graphical presentation requires that transport layers can only be seen if they contain a transport route.

  8. Choose Continue.
  9. If you choose Consolidation route, enter a short description in the dialog box Create Transport Layer and choose Copy.

    The graphical editor appears, where the created transport route is shown in the display area.


    To create all the necessary transport routes, use this procedure.

  10. To stop creating transport routes, click anywhere in the display area.
  11. Save the transport configuration.