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Procedure documentation Distributing and Activating Transport Route Configurations  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


When all checks have been completed, you can distribute and activate the configuration.


We recommend activating the configuration centrally from the domain controller. This ensures that all SAP Systems in the transport domain have the same settings for the transport routes.

To activate the transport routes in the systems of the transport domain, you need the authorization S_CTS_CONFIG in all systems, which is contained in the profile S_A.SYSTEM.


To distribute and activate the transport route configuration, choose Configuration ® Distribute and activate.

You are asked to enter your user ID and password in all connected SAP Systems.


For security reasons, the user TMSADM created by TMS, is not authorized to activate transport routes by default. This is why a logon screen appears when you activate transport routes from any system in the transport domain. To simplify this procedure (which is recommended for a large number of systems), you can authorize user TMSADM to activate transport routes. To do this, enter the additional profile S_A.TMSCFG in the user maintenance. For more information, see Authorizations in TMS.