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Function documentation Checking the Transport Route Configuration  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


There are 2 types of checks:

The configuration is checked against the settings of the transport control program and its consistency is also checked.

- The system checks to see if the deliveries go out from at least one consolidation.

- When using multilevel deliveries, the system checks if the transport profile parameter multileveldelivery is switched on for the SAP Systems involved (< Release 4.0A).

- The system checks if the SAP Systems have at least Release 4.5A when using enhanced transport control and if the accompanying transport profile parameter CTC is switched on. The systems also checks if enhanced transport control is mixed with simple transport control.

The effects of the configuration on the open tasks and requests is checked.

If the configuration of the transport routes is consistent, it is compared with open requests. The system checks if these requests:

- Require a different type (local or transportable request, repair or correction)

- Require a new transport destination

- Become inconsistent due to invalid object combinations

You cannot release inconsistent requests.

The displayed log lists all inconsistencies found. You can find detailed information in the long text of the relevant message.


To check the consistency of the transport routes, choose Configuration ® Check ® Transport routes.

To check the effects on open requests for the local SAP System, choose Configuration Check Request consistency Local.

To check the effects on open requests for all SAP Systems, choose Configuration Check Request consistency In all systems. The effects of the configuration change on open requests in accessible SAP Systems are checked.