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Procedure documentation Creating Delivery Routes  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You can only create delivery routes for consolidation routes that already exist.


To create delivery routes:

  1. In the hierarchical list editor, choose Edit ® Transport route ® Create.
  2. The dialog box Create Transport Route appears.

  3. To create a client-specific delivery route, choose Extended Transport Control.
  4. Select Delivery routes.
  5. Enter names in the following fields:
  6. · Source system or Delivery source (for extended transport control)

    · Delivery system or Delivery target (for extended transport control)

    For the delivery target, you can make the following entries:

    - System name

    - System name.client

    - Target group


    You can create or change the target group by double-clicking or pressing F2 .

  7. Choose Copy.
  8. In the hierarchical list, the configured SAP Systems and their delivery route are displayed under the node Transport routes.

  9. Save the configuration.