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All SAP Systems in a transport domain are linked to each other by RFC connections. You can check these RFC connections in the TMS system overview.


To check the RFC connection for an SAP System:

  1. In the system overview, position the cursor on the SAP System for which you want to check the connection.
  2. Choose SAP System ® Check ® Connection test.

If the RFC connection is established, the message Connection to system <SID> (host <host>) OK appears.


You can also perform the connection test for locked systems. You can check if a system can be unlocked again.

To check all RFC connections, choose Monitor ® RFC connections in the initial screen of the TMS.

A connection test is performed for all active SAP Systems in the transport domain. The status bar indicates which SAP System connection is being checked.


The result list displays the following information for each SAP System:

The connection status can have two statuses:

To display detailed information on the connection status, click on the status field for an SAP System.


The connection test is always performed in both directions. It also includes checking if the SAP System on which the connection test is performed can be reached by the other systems in the transport domain.


If there are connection problems with SAP Systems with multiple application servers, you can change the server configured for TMS (see: TMS in SAP Systems with Multiple Application Servers).