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External systems are a special form of virtual system. A real SAP System is used in their place to perform actions on the transport directory. They are different from virtual systems in that they have their own transport directory that you can freely choose.

You can use external systems to:


If you want to transport between systems in different domains, we recommend that you link domains with domain links.


To configure an external system:

  1. Log on to the SAP system that functions as the transport domain controller.
  2. Call Transaction STMS.
  3. Choose Overview ® Systems.

The system overview appears.

  1. Choose SAP System ® Create ® External system.

This brings you to the screen TMS: Configure External System.

  1. Enter the path and a short description of the transport directory.


Enter the transport directory path for the specific platform and relative to the communications system. The transport domain controller is proposed as the communications system.

  1. Save your entries and confirm the distribution prompt.

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