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Procedure documentation Configuring the Transport Domain Controller  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You have decided which system should be the Transport Domain Controller.


To configure a system as the transport domain controller (and thereby configure a new transport domain):

  1. Log on in client 000 in the SAP System that you want to configure as the transport domain controller.
  2. Enter Transaction STMS. The dialog box TMS: Configure Transport Domain appears.

(This dialog box only appears if you have not yet configured a transport domain.)

  1. Enter the name and a short description of the transport domain.


The name of the transport domain may not contain blank characters. You cannot change the name of the transport domain afterwards without reconfiguring the domain controller and thereby the entire transport domain.

  1. If your SAP System consists of multiple application servers, you can choose one server for the TMS.
  1. Save your entries. The following actions are performed automatically in your SAP System:


The configuration of the transport domain is now complete for this SAP System. The initial screen of Transaction STMS shows that this SAP System is now functioning as the domain controller of the transport domain.