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To configure and maintain the transport domain, you need the authorization S_CTS_CONFIG contained in the profile S_A.SYSTEM.

Process Flow

First, you must decide which SAP System you want to configure as the transport domain controller.

You can only carry out all the activities relevant to the entire transport domain, such as configuring transport routes or configuring RFC connections, in the domain controller. We therefore recommend configuring the transport domain controller in an SAP System with the following attributes:

The transport domain controller should normally be configured in a production system or quality assurance system.


The resulting system load is low for the SAP System configured as the transport domain controller of a transport domain. Only if the TMS configuration is changed or if there is an error does the load on the domain controller increase for a short period.

When you have decided which system is to function as the transport domain controller and have configured it accordingly, you can include all additional systems in the transport domain.