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Function documentation Analysis: Issues and Top Issues  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


Analyze Issues and Top Issues.


      Selection Criteria

Selection Criteria


Transaction type


      Top Issue

      Analysis of Issues or Top Issues


Restriction by time period


Selection of one or more statuses which are assigned to the Issues/Top Issues

Procedure attributes

Attributes which classify the Issue or Top Issue more closely

Context information

Information that refers to the context (project or solution) of the Issue or Top Issue

Linked objects

Objects which are assigned to the Issue or Top Issue

      Summary of the analyses as an HTML file, which you can print, or as PDF or Microsoft Word file which you can export


To be able to output the file in PDF format, you need to have made the corresponding settings in Customizing of SAP Solution Manager under SAP Solution Manager Capabilities SAP Engagement and Service Delivery   Issue Management.


To call the issue and top issue analysis:


       1.      Call the SAP Engagement and Service Delivery work center.

       2.      Choose the Reports view and then Solution Reporting Tools.

       3.      Choose Issue and Top Issue Reporting, in the row of the desired solution.

       4.      Choose the criteria and perform the analysis.


You can also schedule the report as a background job, SM_REP:RDSWP_REP_ISSUE, to send it automatically by mail. You have created a variant for your report. Proceed as follows:

                                                  i.       Choose the scheduling symbol in the initial screen of your report.

                                                ii.       Select your variant.

                                               iii.       Choose Schedule.

You are in the job definition screen.

                                               iv.       Define the processing for the report.

                                                 v.       Schedule the report.

The system runs the report automatically.

       5.      To get a summary of one or more analyses, select rows and choose Other Summary.

The system generates an HTML report.


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