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Procedure documentationCreating Issues in a Service  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You want to create an Issue in a service session.


You have created a service.



       1.      Call the SAP Engagement and Service Delivery work center with the Services view.

The services are listed.

       2.      Expand the node for your service to display the list of service sessions.

       3.      Select the session you require.

The session details are displayed on the Sessions tab page.

       4.      Follow the link to the self-service and select the language in the Session Language dialog box if necessary.

You go to the service session. For some sessions, you need a certification key

       5.      Select the Issues – Relevant for Solution check, in the hierarchy structure at the left-hand-side.

       6.      Choose Create Issue in the right-hand screen area.

A new screen appears.

       7.      Enter the required data. Proceed as described under Create Issues/Top Issues Directly.

       8.      Go back.



The issue is assigned to the service in the service plan. You can also call up the issue from the issue list directly.





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