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Procedure documentation Create Initial View  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


       1.      Choose a Roadmap from Roadmap Other Roadmap, in the transaction Roadmap Authoring Environment (RMAUTH).

       2.      Choose the Initial View pushbutton.


·         The Roadmap phases, i.e. the higher-level elements of the structure view of the Roadmap, are the horizontal axis of the initial view of the Roadmap. You can only edit the Roadmap phases in the structure view, not in the initial view.

·         The vertical axis is the work areas, an additional structure which is not in the structure view of the Roadmap.

       3.      To create work areas or add existing work areas, choose the pushbutton Manage Work Areas.

       4.      To add elements to the initial view, choose the pencil icon with the Quick Info Maintain Elements.

¡        In the following dialog box, you can select structure elements which are in the Roadmap structure view below the structure level.

¡        You can change the title of the structure element for the initial view, in the following dialog box, so that it is different from the title in the Roadmap structure view.

       5.      To go back to the structure view in the Roadmap Authoring Environment, choose Back.


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