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This task transfers collected data from one system to another without an RFC connection.


This task should ONLY be used if there is no RFC connection to SAP or to the SAP Solution Manager with which to send data.

You may need to use this task, for example, if you need to transfer data from a system with no open RFC connections to the system in which the session data will be analyzed. The data can be analyzed in your SAP Solution Manager system or in a system at SAP.

Before you can export the session data, you need to create a 'Request session data' task to run once as a test data request, then export the session data to a file, mapping it to the session number that is expected by the recipient system.



To create a task to export session data to a file

       1.      Choose Task Create.

A dialog box is displayed.

       2.      Choose Export session data to file and Continue.

A dialog box is displayed.

       3.      Specify the original session number and the number of the session in which the data will be analyzed.

       4.      Choose Continue.

The data from the original session will be exported to a file, which can be imported into the new session.


See also:

SAP Note 657306 (Data transfer of download into Solution Manager w/o RFC)


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