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You can use Exception Management, which comprises the exception repository and the exception management cockpit, to monitor business-critical exceptions in your IT landscape.

Exception Management provides a detailed error description for each exception. You can analyze errors centrally, correlate and process exceptions systematically, and document the error resolution in guided procedures.

The following graphic shows the integration of the Exception Management into the system landscape.

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text.

Exception Management


Exception Management is in Root Cause Analysis work center. For more information, see Root Cause Analysis Work Center.


  • You have set up your IT landscape in the SAP Solution Manager Configuration work center.

  • You have made the exception management settings, under   SAP Solution Manager Configuration   Managed Systems Configuration   Manual Configuration  .


  • Exception Monitoring

    The Exception Management overview provides summary, across systems and technologies, of all process flow errors and technical exceptions which have occurred.

  • Exception Analysis

    To be able to analyze exceptions quickly, as well as the error message itself, you can display the error context, the calling stack, the payload of the processing unit, and similar exceptions, in the detailed error description.

  • Error Handling

    Exception Management provides guided procedures to resolve exceptions. You can search for documentation of existing solutions, and document your error handling for future use.

    You can assign processors to exceptions for further processing, and create an incident or notification for each exception.

    For more information, see Exception Management: Monitoring.

  • Warning message

    You can integrate Exception Management into your Alert Management. Exception Management is then the data source from which the system generates warning messages (notifications and incidents), to the general Alert Inbox.

  • Exception Management Instrumentation Platform

    To monitor interfaces or business processes which comprise several components and systems, you can mark critical points in the source text, and monitor them in Exception Management. For more information, see Exception Management Instrumentation Platform.