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Procedure documentationCreating Damaged Test Case Support Messages Locate this document in the navigation structure


You can create damaged test case support message in the following cases:

  • You think a test case failed because of a system malfunction.

  • You think a test case failed because the test case is faulty, but you cannot detect the error.

Before you create a support message to report a damaged test case which is to be checked or repaired by the test engineer, you first check, for example, the following possible causes:

  • System malfunction

  • Missing authorization

  • Error in the test script

If the test case failed because of a program malfunction, you create a support ticket.


  • In the Tester Worklist of the Test Management work center, you have performed a test case which failed. The status Errors. Retest Required is assigned to that test case. For more information, see Assign status.

  • The administrator has created a system user for you and assigned a business partner to the user.

  • The administrator has created a business partner for the test engineer.


  1. Choose the Tester Worklist.

  2. Select the test package which contains errors.

  3. Choose Report Damaged Test Case.

    A screen appears. The screen gives an overview of the test cases of the respective test package.

  4. Select the test cases for which a support message is to be created.

    You do this if you think a test case failed because the test case is damaged, and you want the test case to be repaired by the test engineer. You can select a test case if the status of the test case is red and if no previous unresolved error has been reported already.

  5. Choose   Create Message   Automatically  .

    A support message is created. This support message will appear in the Damaged Test Case Worklist.

    If the support message cannot be created automatically, an error message will be displayed. Choose   Create Message   Manually  .


The test engineer checks or repairs the test case and sets the status of the support message to Completed.