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This work center provides tools and capabilities to support the technical management and the IT operations management teams in the efficient planning, implementation, execution, and reporting of the day-to-day operational activities. As a result, the systems have the desired stability and run at high performance.


  • You have configured Technical Monitoring using SOLMAN_SETUP.

  • You are authorized to access this work center.

    For more information, see the SAP Solution Manager Security Guide on SAP Service Marketplace under   SAP Components  .


  • Provides central access to administrative tasks.

    More information: Task Inbox

  • Allows you to schedule and maintain work modes (for example downtime, peak business hour) for selected components.

    More information: Managing Work Modes

  • Provides a graphical calendar-based overview to schedule and maintain events, milestones, and work modes for selected components.

    More information: IT Calendar

  • Provides you with central maintenance access to recipients and recipient lists, to allow efficient notification.

    More information: Notification Management

  • Provides central access to the most important system administration tools.

    More information: Central Tool Access

  • Allows you to define guided procedures for administrative tasks and execute them.