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You want to display or change attributes in the test plan of a project.

Example Example

You want to change the release status, the planned start and end date, or the person reposible for the test plan.

End of the example.


There is also a mass change function for test plan and test package attributes. For further information, see Changing the Attributes of Several Test Plans or Test Packages.


In the Test Management work center, you have opened the Test Plan Management and selected a test plan.


You can edit the attributes of the test plan, which you specified when you created it (except for, for example, Template Projects), in the following tabs:



General Data

You can, for example, change the test plan release status.

Caution Caution

If you change the system role of a test plan, this can lead to inconsistencies in the test results, if the test plan has already been processed, because you now access test cases in other systems. Only change the system role if it will not cause inconsistencies.

End of the caution.

Default values

You can, for example, specify the documentation type for test notes.

Planned data

You can specify whether, and at which level, to manage the expected test effort, and display or specify the expected test effort values. The system shows the actual effort (the actual effort expended by testers) automatically. For more information, see Plan Test Times and Effort.

Automatic Test

You choose, for example, a system data container, which determines the systems in which the automatic tests are to be performed. See Using System Data Containers.

Note Note

If you use test cases of type referring, you must specify the target system in which the test cases referred to were specified, in the Automatic Test tab.

End of the note.


You can display an overview of the changes made so far to the test plan.


You can attach documents which are relevant for test planning and execution, e.g. EXCEL tables of test data, to the test plan.

Administration data

You can display who created and last changed the test plan, and the associated times.

Business Process Change Analyzer

If a test plan was created with BPCA, you can display its results ID. See Business Process Change Analyzer.


You can:

  1. To change the attributes of a test plan, choose   Goto   Attributes  .

    You go to a subsequent screen which displays the test plan attributes.

  2. Switch to editing mode.

  3. Change the relevant attributes in the tabs, e.g. General Data.

  4. Save your entries.