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As the test coordinator, you can plan the test timeframe and test planning in accordance with the expected resource requirements.

Note Note

You have the following options, which differ in terms of resource requirements and planning accuracy, for the planning level:

  • You can plan on test case level and can thereby cumulate the expected resource requirements relatively accurately.

  • You can plan on test package level and can estimate the time required roughly.

  • You are planning on test plan level. This means that only a very rough estimation is possible in which you specify an estimation of the expected overall resource requirements on the basis of the number of test cases.

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  • If you wish to attain an exact test-case specific evaluation, enter the expected test resource requirements for each test case in the test case attributes beforehand.

    You can find these in Customizing for the SAP Solution Manager   Capabilities   Test Administration   Configure Test Case-Specific Default Times  .

    Here you can determine the actual resource requirements or the aggregated data from test packages.

  • Otherwise you can use one of the following alternatives:

    • Planning with an average default values You can find this default value in Customizing Customizing for SAP Solution Manager under   Capabilities   Test Administration   Configure Test Case-Specific Default Times  .

    • Enter a rough estimate of the resource requirements for each test plan or test package (in the test package attributes).

  • If you wish to conduct a planned and actual resource requirements comparison, every tester must record the actual time when conducting tests.


Planning the Test Timeframe
  1. In the Test Management work center, choose the Test Plan Administration view.

  2. Open the test case attributes in change mode. (See Editing Test Plan Attributes)

  3. On the Plan Data tab page, on the left side of the page, enter the following:

    • The levels (test plan, test package or test case) for which you wish to determine the expected resource requirements. For the Test Package or Test Case levels, you can have the system calculate the resource requirements.

    • The start and end date for the expected resource requirements

      Note Note

      If you use the test plan level, you can also plan without start and end dates. You can enter the estimated overall resource requirements in the Workload field.

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    The system displays the available actual data on the right side of the page.

Checking and Calculating Resource Requirements
  1. You have opened the Plan Data tab page in the test case attributes.

  2. To determine whether the data is current or obsolete, choose the symbol with the quick info Check If the values displayed are obsolete, the system checks the Obsolete checkbox.

  3. To update the data, choose the sum symbol with the quick info Calculate Workload. As soon as the system has calculated the target or actual data, the system deselects the Obsolete checkbox.