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This procedure analyzes Technical Monitoring problems in an SAP Solution Manager landscape.


1. Analyze Aggregated Alerts
  1. To go to the function, choose   Technical Monitoring   Alert Inbox  .

    For more information on how to go to the Technical Monitoring or Solution Manager Administration work center, see Using the Work Center.

  2. Select a query.

    A list of alerts for the context of the query is displayed.

  3. Analyze alerts based on the parameters, such as:

    • Priority

      This depends on the severity (assigned during configuration) and the current rating of an alert. Alerts are sorted by priority, by default.

    • Worst

      The latest worst rating of an alert. It is measured from the first occurrence of an alert with at least one unconfirmed alert in Alert Inbox.

    • Changes

      The number of times the rating of an alert has changed since its first occurrence. There should be at least one unconfirmed alert in the Alert Inbox.

    • Total

      The number of alerts across all unconfirmed alert groups.

    • Status

      The last action taken on an alert.

    • Problem Analysis

      Whether the data for detailed problem analysis has been collected from the managed system. The status for problem analysis is not available for Connection Monitoring and End User Experience Monitoring queries.

  4. If you want to view the actions performed on an alert, do the following:

    1. Select the aggregated alert.

    2. Choose Show Action Log.

2. Analyze Alert Groups
  1. Select an aggregated alert.

    The alert groups in the alert are listed.

  2. Analyze alerts groups based on the parameters such as Rating, Start Time, and End Time.

  3. If you want to analyze an alert group in detail, do the following:

    1. Select the alert group.

    2. If you have not opted to display alert details in the same window, choose Show Details.

    3. Perform one of the following:



      View the threshold of a metric

      In the Alert Details table, select the metric.

      View problem analysis data

      Choose Problem Analysis.

      Share the status of an alert or processing with a user

      Send a notification.

      Check the current status of systems

      Choose   Navigate to   Monitoring  .

      Navigation is based on the monitored object type of the aggregated alert.

      Check the configuration of managed object in LMDB

      Choose   Navigate to   Landscape Browser  .

      Navigation is based on the monitored object type of the aggregated alert.

      Generate an HTML report that can be shared with other users who are not connected to SAP Solution Manager

      Choose Create Analysis Report.

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