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An IT operator (or administrator) wants to initiate a change that does not have to be transported with a transport request, for example, an account number or number range change in a system. He or she creates an administrative change.


  • A request for change with the scope Administrative Change has been created, approved, and assigned to a processor.

  • The installation for the relevant production system is assigned to the request for change.


  1. In the Change Management work center or in his or her worklist in the WebClient UI, the IT operator calls up the administrative change from the change documents assigned to him or her.

  2. In the administrative change, he or she chooses   Actions   Set to "In Process"  .

    The status of the change is now In Process.

  3. The processor logs on to the Landscape assignment block in the assigned development system and makes the requested change.

  4. The processor returns to the administrative change and chooses   Actions   Set to “Completed”  . While saving, the system changes the status to Completed.

  5. The IT operator confirms that the change was made and chooses   Actions   Confirm Administrative Change  . The message is completed. The status is updated to Confirmed and the message is locked for any additional changes.