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New Features in SAP Web Application Server 7.0

You can now load language packages directly from the front end (client).

New Features in SAP Web Application Server 6.20

Extended Language Supplementation Program

As of SAP Web Application Server 6.20, the client maintenance function and the program RSREFILL have been integrated into the language supplementation program. Despite its extra functions, the language supplementation has also been made easier to use.

New Features in SAP Web Application Server 6.10

        In SAP Web Application Server 6.10, functions for importing the language content of Support Packages, and for client maintenance, have been integrated into transaction SMLT. Until now, these functions were available only by importing Support Packages.

        You can now display export processes in transaction SMLT as well. 

        All language transport tools are now available in transaction SMLT by choosing Goto Other Tools. You can start the tools from here. Until now, you had to call these tools separately.

        Other improvements have been made to make transaction SMLT easier to use.


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