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The test organizer sorts test cases in a test package into test sequences with this function. You can also assign testers to test cases. An overview of test packages and test cases with consolidated status permanently informs you about the progress of tests.


You can use the workflow as well as test sequences and test assignment. You can thus control and monitor tests better. For example, the system tells testers when their test packages are ready for testing. For further information, see Workflow.


The following tabs are available:

  • Test Packages

    Shows the test packages assigned to the test plan. The system displays the assigned test cases for each test package in a simple list. You can Assign Testers at Test Case Level and Organize Test Cases in Test Sequences in this list.

  • Total

    Displays all test packages of the test plans, the consolidated test status of test cases, and the consolidated end-status of a test package. To update the status for selected test packages, choose Recalculate.

  • Tester

    Shows the testers assigned to the test plan. When you use the workflow, the system displays the procedure number and workflow history for each tester for whom a business process has been created. You can display a procedure document in the procedure processing, using the procedure number For more information, see Business Processes and Workflow Actions.


To use this function, on the SAP Easy Access screen, choose   Tools   ABAP Workbench   Test   Test Workbench   Test Organizer   Test Plan Management  . In a selected test plan, choose Test Packages (Test Packages) and then Sequences (Sequences).