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You have set up a common transport directory for (almost) all the SAP systems in which you want to centrally manage your transports. Furthermore, you can simplify the maintenance of the transport directory by maintaining the directory at a central point.

The advantage of a central transport host is that you have to maintain only one central entry when moving the transport directory to another host, and not the parameters of each system.

To do this, specify the name of the central transport host, where your central transport directory is located, in the Domain Name Server (DNS) for all Windows systems.


If you did not specify the ALIAS SAPTRANSHOST, the default value is valid for DIR_TRANS (your central instance):

DIR_TRANS = \\$(SAPGLOBALHOST)\sapmnt\trans



       1.      Adjusting the general configuration:


                            a.      Enter the ALIAS SAPTRANSHOST on the domain name server for the transport host you have chosen.

                            b.      Maintain the transport directory in the transport profile.

The transport control program tpworks with its own profile and cannot access the default SAP profiles. The parameter transdir, which is located in this profile, contains the path of the transport directory. You must set this parameter. For a central transport directory, define the parameter using the macro $(SAPTRANSHOST).


transdir = \\$(SAPTRANSHOST)\sapmnt\trans\

       2.      Adjusting the SAP-specific configuration:


                            a.      Give each transport user that wants to access the central transport directory the write-authorization for the transport directory and its subdirectories.

                            b.      Parameter DIR_TRANS:

The parameter contains the path of the transport directory and is maintained in the instance-specific profile (if necessary in the default default.pfl). This parameter is evaluated by all programs that can evaluate profiles. These are the R/3 Kernel and various additional programs, such as sapntchk, sappfpar, etc.

Do not set this parameter explicitly, since the default value, which points to \\$(SAPTRANSHOST)\sapmnt\trans\, is correct.

If you do not want to store the path under the share \sapmnt\trans within the transport directory, you can convert parameter DIR_TRANS using the macro $(SAPTRANSHOST).



If you do not set the parameter DIR_TRANS in any profiles, the default value is activated.



If a system for which a central transport host is configured is not supposed to transport a central transport directory, then override the default values.



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