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This graphic is explained in the accompanying text Example of a SAMBA Configuration File  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

The following is an example of a SAMBA Configuration File with NT Authentication.

----------> NT Server Authentication
;Configuration example file for samba using computer pswdf004 as password server
; SECURITY OPTION guest account: the guest has the file access

; rights of this UNIX-user
guest account = nobody
debug level = 0
security = server
password server = pswdf004
getwd cache = yes
wide links = no
password level = 8
case sig names = yes
preserve case = yes
case sensitive = yes
read prediction = yes


comment = us0011:/usr/sap/trans

path = /usr/sap/trans

; SECURITY OPTION public: all users can access the share as a

; guest, no password is checked

public = yes

; SECURITY OPTION writable: files + directories can

; be changed if writable = yes

writable = yes

; SECURITY OPTION browsable: Share is visible if browsable = yes

browsable = yes

create mask = 0664

map hidden = no

map system = no

preserve case = yes

wide links = yes

; SECURITY OPTION allow hosts: only specified hosts can access


; share

allow hosts = us0011