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At present, Windows does not have a hierarchical file system like UNIX. There is also no way to create soft links. As a result, the file systems on Windows hosts cannot be included in the local directory tree, or vice versa.

To enable both systems to access the file systems, you need to install additional software.

This software must meet the following requirements:


Only use software that can export soft links.

Since the LanManager has a large share of the PC network market, software was developed for UNIX systems to enable them to access LanManager networks. There is now appropriate server software for almost all UNIX dialects. This software allows the UNIX system to appear as the LanManager to the PC.

Many hardware manufacturers offer this type of LanManager software. However, SAP cannot recommend which software you should use. When deciding on a product, make sure that the three requirements listed above are met.

SAP uses the LanManager server SAMBA from Andrew Tridgell, which you can obtain free of charge from the Internet.


Note that SAP does not support SAMBA.

The LanManager SAMBA provides the following functions:

The assignment of the UNIX user to the corresponding Windows user is stored in a SAMBA server table. The user is checked from Windows.

For more information, see Example of a SAMBA Configuration File.

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