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Syntax documentationParameter TRANSDIR  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

You must define the parameter TRANSDIR identically for all SAP Systems in the transport environment.

TRANSDIR specifies the name of the transport directory which must be mounted on all the computers of the transport environment and must be available there under the same name. All relevant data for a transport between any SAP Systems is stored in subdirectories of the transport directory and managed by tp.


This parameter value is overridden with the value of the SAP profile parameter DIR_TRANS for all tp calls from the SAP System.

If you want start tp from the operating system, ensure that the transport file entry managed by the TMS is correct. If necessary, make any required changes. For more information, see Changing Parameters for the Transport Control Program.

Values for Parameter TRANSDIR Dependent on the Operating System

UNIX and IBM eServer iSeries



When using a central transport host with ALIAS SAPTRANSHOST:



TRANSDIR=\\<transport host>\sapmnt\trans\

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