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Syntax documentationVariables in the Transport Profile  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

In the transport file, you can use variables by entering parameters.

Enter these variables in the following format: $(xyz). You can mask the brackets with the “\” character, if required.

The following variables are available:


The CPU name (alphaosf, hp, rm600, rs6000, sun, wnt, as4) This can be important for operating systems in heterogeneous networks.


This variable contains an acronym for the name of the operating system. The same acronyms as those used for specifying operating-system-specific parameters are used: aix, hp-ux, osf1, sinix, sunos, and wnt.


Abbreviation for the day of the week (SUN,MON,...)


Day of the current month (01-31)


Abbreviation for the name of the month (JAN,FEB,...)


Month (01-12)


Name of the SAP system


Day of the week (00-06, Sunday=00)


Day of the current year (001-366)


Year (four digits)


Short form of the year (two digits)


Calendar week (00-53)



If you have identified a central transport host on the domain name server (DNS), use the entry transdir only with this acronym.



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