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If client-specific routes are configured in the TMS (this means, if extended transport control is active), the following parameters are automatically set:

If extended transport control is not activated, client-specific data, particularly Customizing data, is exported out of the source client and into the client with the same number.

If you do not want this, you can specify the target client for the import when you call tp :

tp import all <sapsid> client=<target client>

The client entered here refers to all client-specific objects in the requests registered for import.

If there are several source and target clients, making it impossible to assign transports on the basis of corresponding numbers, you must work with individual imports (also see Special Transports). To do this, you need to know the target clients of the individual requests.


tp import E11K904711

<sapsid> client=5

tp import all

<sapsid> client=6

tp import E11K904712

<sapsid> client=11 u0

tp import E11K904712

<sapsid> client=12 u0

tp import E11K904712

<sapsid> client=13