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As already explained in The Route of a Request into the Target System, there is no automatic procedure that imports a request immediately after the export. Therefore, plan the time of the import to coordinate the actions required after the import (for example, testing functions in the target system).



SAP recommends scheduling regular periods for complete imports into the target system (for example, daily, weekly or monthly). Shorter periods between imports are not advisable.

After the import into the target system, tests can be carried out there. You can correct errors by repeating transports from the source system.

Wherever possible, only correct errors in the source system. When the corresponding requests are released, they can be reimported with the command tp import all <sapsid> and are registered for import into further systems.

If you have defined further systems for the import, the requests are registered for import into these other systems after the main import has succeeded (see also Performing Imports).

If a subsequent system only receives a complete import after the test phase, the original request and the request containing corrections are imported in the correct order. This ensures that the discovered error does not occur in the target system.


This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

In this example, perform the following steps during a development phase in the following order:


Development in E11

(Monday - Thursday)


Import into T11

(Thursday evening)


Test in T11, correction in E11



Repeated transport to T11



Import into P11

(Friday evening)

The time given between brackets is a suggestion for a development period that lasts one week. The production system will then be in a new, tested state at the beginning of the following week.


An import often cannot be performed immediately. To maintain performance, stability, and avoid conflicts with the online SAP System, perform the import at night.

We recommend performing the imports when there is a low system load.

If this is not possible, use the command tp impsync for the import. However, you can only use this command with restrictions:

For more detailed information, see SAP Note 102069, and the documentation BC - SAP High Availability under SAP Transports.



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