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Background documentation The Route of a Request into the Target System  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


Local requests are not transported and are therefore not included in this description.

A request is transported as follows:

The transport of a request begins when the owner of the request releases it (see the documentation on the Transport Organizer).

After a request has been released in the Transport Organizer, it is unlocked and the data is exported at operating system level.

tp controls the export. tp also registers that the request has to be imported into the target system.

The target system is specified by the system control tables. There is no automatic mechanism that immediately imports a request into a target system. Normally, the requests of several users are released from a source system before they are imported into the target system.

The transport control program tp ensures that the requests that have to be imported are registered in the same order as the exports. In this way, several requests are collected and have to wait before they are imported into their target system.

You must perform this import using the Transport Management System (Transaction STMS). This calls tp . (You can also directly call tp on the operating system level.) We recommend performing all administrative tasks regarding transports using the TMS.