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The Change Management work center (transaction SOLMAN_WORKCENTER) gives you an overview of the maintenance transactions in Maintenance Optimizer. It tells you how many maintenance transactions with a specified status have been created or changed.

You can go to the selected display via links, for example, to all maintenance transactions that have already been implemented.


The Maintenance Optimizer view of the Change Management work center lists the maintenance transactions you have already created. You can display and filter them.

  • To open a maintenance transaction, choose its ID or description.

  • When you select a maintenance transaction in the list, detailed information about it is displayed below it. This includes the priority, status, short text, and the product version.

  • There is also information about system status, the source component, and download files found and confirmed.

  • The Download PDF report function enables you to create a PDF of all the information about the maintenance transaction.

Note Note

If you want to display maintenance transactions belonging to other users, you can define queries to carry out complex searches in the Queries view of the Change Management work center.

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In the Change Management work center (transaction SOLMAN_WORKCENTER), you can start a maintenance transaction, with or an assignment to a solution:

Choose New Maintenance Transaction under Common Tasks.